Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Transition Denman Island: Joining with TT’s Around the World - By Frances Honsinger

The Transition Town movement, which started in 2005, has spread to 300 communities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Italy, Chile and Canada. In BC alone, there are several official Transition Towns, including Nelson, Golden Ears, Powell River , Salt Spring Island , Vancouver and Victoria .
On Denman Island , we are part of this international movement that taps into the collective creativity of its community members. The main aim of the project is to raise awareness of sustainable living and to build local, ecological resilience in the near future. Communities are encouraged to seek out methods for reducing energy usage as well as reducing their reliance on long supply chains that are totally dependent on fossil fuels for essential items.
We are ahead of many communities in that we already have several groups on the island who are working toward these ends. The Transition Denman Island steering committee has been compiling information about the various groups to create a database which we will share with all those involved.
We will be holding a Transition Expo “TEXPO” in October for representatives from these groups to come together and learn from each other. In the new year, the whole community will be invited to become involved in projects that have the potential to make the future of Denman Island more joyful and sustainable. Your ideas, creativity, inspiration and participation will not only be welcome, but will comprise Transition Denman Island , as the steering committee dissolves and action groups engage the community in the transition process. These groups could include, for example: food, permaculture, transport, health, energy, education, water, economics and waste. Each of these action groups will look at their area to determine the best ways of building community resilience and reducing our carbon footprint. Their solutions will form the backbone of the Energy Descent Action Plan.
In September, members of the Transition Denman Island steering committee will be in the Blackberry Fair parade and will have a booth at the Fair. Come and play "Climate Change Challenge" to test your knowledge of environmental issues and win a prize. See you there!

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