Friday, October 1, 2010

TEXPO 2010

A Transition Expo
Sponsored by Transition Denman Island
Steering Committee

The Transition Denman Island (TDI) Steering Committee has invited all the groups/committees on Denman to a TEXPO on Sunday, October 17th, in the Community Hall from 1-5pm.  The goal of this event is to:
  • expose all the islands’ groups to each other’s mandate and work
  • share information about what each group is doing towards TDI’s goals of resilience to climate change and energy dependency
  • discuss how we can all work together collaboratively
  • make plans to coordinate our efforts
Islanders who are not part of an invited group are welcome to come and view each group’s information table from 1-2pm then stay as silent Observers for the rest of the event.
At 2pm we will start by showing a short U-Tube clip of Rob Hopkins (Post Carbon Institute and the founder of Transition Towns) to give an overview of the Transition movement. Each group’s representative will present their information then a general discussion will be held on how we can all work together to become more resilient to the coming changes.  All ideas will be captured and our plan is to publish an Informational Directory of all the groups and an article in the November Flagstone.
All ideas will be brought forward at the Transition Island Visioning Event to be held in the New Year where all the community will be invited to bring their thoughts and ideas. 
We believe that this is the first time a representative from all the islands’ groups will be in the same room so it will be an exciting and informational event. If your group has not been contacted yet, please call Veronica (1828) or  The event will also be a fundraiser through sales of refreshments.

Veronica Timmons

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