Saturday, January 1, 2011

Micro Film Festival

This January, in an attempt to upstage the Courtenay Film Festival in February and at the same time (our real purpose) bring people up to speed about Transition Communities and “Lowering our Carbon Footprints”, REDI presents a one-day film marathon. We will be in the Conservancy Room at The Marcus Isbister Old School Center, starting at 11 am and running to approximately 4 pm on Saturday January 15th. Popcorn and hot drinks available for sale. We will show a few of the most commonly seen films about climate change: “An Inconvenient Truth”, “The End of Suburbia”, the film produced by Transition Totnes about Transitioning. A special favourite inspiring film about Cuba’s response to running out of fuel is also on the agenda.
We’re hoping to add a few of the lesser seen films as well: “The Age of Stupid” for example…
Special for all the volunteers at the Reusables Store (the “Free Store”) will be a showing of the Free Store Fashion Show from our archives. This film will be shown a few minutes after recycling closes for the day so that all volunteers who missed it can have a chance to see the wonders created from their offerings.
Also, for the community members who missed out on the special short Denman Opposes Coal Video because of the snow storm in November, we will be showing this film as well… only 9 minutes long but worth watching!
As always, REDI’s Slow Film events are co-sponsored by World Community in Courtenay. Watch the Grapevine for a schedule.

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